Bijou Market was founded in March 2009 when three friends recently started making and selling handmade goods. With our Etsy shops just taking off the ground, a live show was the perfect excuse to have a little party and share our makes.

What started out as three vendors quickly turned to fifteen and our little two hour show was a big hit. Each event exceeds are expectations in talented vendors and supportive shoppers. We delight in watching our fellow vendors see success and get the recognition they deserve.
What started out as three is now more like sixty, and thousands of shoppers walk into each market.

Our number one goal with Bijou Market was to create a place where people like us could sell their handmade wares with minimal risk and cost. We accept original, high quality handmade or vintage items. We want the newest, hippest and freshest. We stick to the motto, "If we'd buy it, (or proudly put our Bijou Market stamp on it) you're in."

Not sure about selling?

The best advice for those who are interested in selling their goods at a live market is to give it a shot! The knowledge, lessons and growth of being a vendor cannot be acquired unless you experience it firsthand. Our fees are some of the lowest in the state for a market of this size and reputation, and we try to keep it that way to allow up and coming crafters to feel safe to get their business out there.

Our second best advice  is to be prepared to evolve. Craft trends cycle through as fast any. We want our event to be filled with items that you can't find anywhere else, something that will excite and entice. Before you know it you will see something you created knocked off at another craft show, and then a blog tutorial, and then a chain store, and then it's time to reinvent!

More questions? bijoumarket@gmail.com