Friday, February 13, 2015

Booth Tips

Need some inspiration for your booth? Here are some tips for successful booths we've seen over the past several years! 

Our venue is historic which is a euphemism for poorly lit. Bring lamps, spotlights, strings of twinkle or bistro lights to highlight your booth. Well lit booths sell more merchandise, and that has been proven year after year.

Having a variety of price points always helps keep shoppers at your booth longer. Having a few inexpensive options is always a good idea. 

This venue has vaulted ceilings so take advantage of your vertical space! Creating a backdrop, hanging pegboard, shelving, signage, images will help call attention to your booth as well as offer more space and options to house your product.

You may feel like you need to stuff your booth with product, this actually backfires! Use a keen eye. Booths that are clean and organized and somewhat minimal create urgency with the shopper that if they don't grab it now it might be gone later. Having overwhelming stock of one particular item makes it less desirable to us subconsciously. Use the space underneath your table for your back stock and we restock as often as we are able! 

We suggest not having products directly on your table top. Putting them in bowls, baskets, jars, hanging racks, pegboards create organization and appeal. It will make it easier for us to clean up and restock as well. If the success of your sales relies on you repeatedly returning to your booth to clean and organize, rethink your systems and how you are using your space.

Shoppers being able to handle your product is vital to your success. If everything is packaged away it will likely sit there. Having at least one on display always helps move the product. 
Also the shoppability and functionality of your booth itself (not products) is important. Make sure it's sturdy so shoppers aren't wary to interact with it. Keep breakables away from waist level.

If you sell jewelry be sure and package and tag it in a way that it doesn't tangle or get lost easily. We have baskets with holes, tiny children shopping, and jewelry can easily get lost and damaged.

Print booth get notoriously unorganized quickly. We've found having one of each of your offerings displayed with a filing system below on your table for back stock is best. 

Hang it, don't fold it. This will always help increase your sales and it stays looking clean all weekend.