Sunday, April 13, 2014

Alyssa Vincent Market Photos

Just wanted to share a peek at this year's market photos taken by Alyssa Vincent Photography! She is such an awesome photographer as you can see and if you are looking to get portraits done to give gifts for Mother's Day check out this awesome deal:
You can see all of the photos right here, but here are some of our favorites:

Friends shopping together:

bijou market
We were so excited to have Soil & Stem on hand with a mini flower market. 
You could pick your own blooms or grab pre-picked bouquets. We loved being able to see and smell these gorgeous flowers all weekend!

This is hands down our favorite market photo ever. We get it, baby!

bijou market

Shoppers taking in the little delights

bijou market

And us! We love running this market and love being able to collect such amazing talent for these weekends. It is hard work but it is so rewarding. We've had a few questions raised about Bijou and wanted to address them below

bijou market

Why don't we get a bigger space?

There are a few reasons for this:
1. We love Southworth. We love the location, the budding and ever improving Downtown Provo area. We love that the building has history. And ultimately, we haven't found anything we like better or a space that better suits the needs of the market. We really don't need much, WiFi, electricity, a roof, four walls, no stairs for our stroller wielding shoppers and for the ease of set-up and take-down for our vendors. It sounds easy enough, but surprisingly there isn't much around that fits that criteria.

2. Friday morning is intense, this we know, we feel it too. But the rest of the market is a steady stream of shoppers with minimal lines and plenty of space. Uprooting from Southworth Hall to lessen the chaos of 2 out of 14 hours of show-time seems silly. We have a few ideas to make Friday morning more enjoyable and we'd love to hear your ideas. 

Why don't you have the market more often?

Well, we are both stay at home mothers. With crazy fun boys and lots of interests and passions and projects. Bijou Market is only one of the things we love to do, and two markets a year feels just right. Having it more often takes a little bit of the magic away from it, and lots of our vendors only sell at our show and don't even have an online shop because it's just a fun hobby. Luckily we all get to enjoy the fruits of those hobbies in April and November!

If you have any other questions or ideas, don't hesitate to let us know!

We'll see you in November!
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