Monday, April 9, 2012

sidewalk portraits

We're so excited to share this new feature for our Spring Market!
Some of our favorite local artists will be at the market sketching shoppers, you can either bring a photo, or sit for a live session and walk away with original art for about $20!

Caitlin Connolly - Lady Hue - will be there in an out all weekend and here's a peek at her process.
We know that buying original art is a huge commitment, but something we all long for. We're so happy to provide a place for you to get a portrait done of you and your honey, your best friend, your best animal... the possibilities are endless!

Take a look at the sketch Caitlin did for founder Emily of her family:
You can get black and white or color for a bit more dough, but either way what an awesome alternative to a family photo!

Check out what to expect from a session with Caitlin here:

If you have Twitter - follow us @BijouMarket or the artists themselves so you can catch them while they're at the market!