Tuesday, April 24, 2012

bijou loot

We are so fortunate to have gotten to know so many of you through the different social networks we are members of. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and this blog are additional avenues that we feel your support daily.

We've loved seeing our Instagram friends posting their Bijou Market loot and wanted to share it with everyone! (Bijou Market doesn't have an account, but the founders all have separate accounts @nicolecalleen / @rashellejohansson / @emilyframe) 

@squarenative @sarahjchampion
@cjanekendrick @jessicalarae
@beckykimball @jmrammell

@meagansue @catcox
@meg_in_progress @onemoremushroom
@cocorissa @caseym3

@alondonreview @vivipaterson
@baytrain @heathmild
@carlathroup @jennikaufusi

@emilyframe @linniebell
@shardaecurtis @courtneysnowden
@greatlittleday @jennarobert

market photos up next!