Tuesday, January 31, 2012

applications open tomorrow!

the application period opens tomorrow for the April 13-14 Provo Market!
apps are accepted the month of february and before it opens we wanted to check in and let you know how excited we are to see everyone's offerings!

this last season we polled our shoppers, vendors, friends and family to see what they would like to see at the next Bijou Market and this is what we heard loud and clear. we thought we'd share it with you in case you're looking to start selling a handmade craft, or maybe you've already been selling and you need some fresh ideas. 

vintage: anything and everything
games / activities
shoes for all 
boys apparel, toys, accessories, games
affordable original art
upcycled decor ala the Picker Sisters
tools, organization and gadgets for the home
swimwear for all ages
furniture big and small
accessories for Apple products
purses and bags
skirts & dresses for women
hangable wall decor

here are some images that inspire us. we in no way condone copying another artist, but hopefully these will convey a feeling.

Picker Sisters: an interior design duo who travel the US 
looking for junk to turn into something special.
modern take on beloved classics
eclectic, collected, and bright
 quirky and humorous
one of a kind and unique
 we never cease to be amazed by the talent this state and neighboring states put out year after year, and we know there is always room for more! to learn more about us and what we look for click here.

if you have anything to add to the "what we want to see at Bijou Market" list, feel free to comment below. hopefully this will be a good source of inspiration for us all!