Monday, November 14, 2011

Provo Market Pick-up Giveaway

We are hosting two giveaways here on our site!

One is a pick-up only giveaway for Provo's market (this weekend!)
and then there will be a pick-up only giveaway for the market in Taylorsville next week!

Check out the amazing offerings for the Provo market giveaway:

Come Sail Away Print by Livy Love Designs

Peachy Earrings by Little Maughan

Autumn Dame Monster Onesie

Set of 3 Polka Dot garlands by Bohemia
Pillow of your choice by Sewing Nerd

Baby Beanie by Mutze by Ashley

 Lulu wrap by Elle M-N-O-P 

Great, right?
Here are the entry details:
1. Enter with a comment - any comment will do.
2. Follow Bijou Market's blog.
3. Join Bijou Market's Facebook Group
4. Post a link to the giveaway on your blog - use our Ad Kit here.
5. Post a link to the giveaway on Facebook.
6. Post a link to the giveaway on Twitter (mention @BijouMarket)
7. RSVP to the market of your choice Provo / SLC
8. Have your friends and family enter on your behalf - they can do #1-7 for you as well!

The only stipulations are that you (or a representative you choose) must come to the Provo market, and find Emily Frame to collect your winnings!

Good Luck!
D Updated: selected via is Cambri Christensen! if she can't claim her winnings we'll draw again & notify the new winner. thank you for entering!