Thursday, November 10, 2011

founder gift guides- Rashelle

Bijou Market is the perfect place to snag a gift for the person on your list that is impossible to buy for. Don't believe me?

Katie Dean's line of body butters, lotions and scrubs smell heavenly and don't feel heavy. This is my go to gift for teachers, VT's and friendlies this Holiday. Everyone wants to smell good, right?

I am a big fan of reusing, and Blue Door speaks my language. I know that this amazing locker door magnet board is on my list.

Something quirky, check! I am pretty sure this is the only form of Taxidermy that I approve of. The entire line from Squackdoodle would look fabulous in a child's room... or in my living room.

The best gifts for a new mama or a mama-to-be are both practical and stylish. Nothing defines those two better than an oil cloth mess mat from Elsa Bags. The gold stripe is my personal favorite

If the person on your list is more right brained than left perhaps an original painting by Colett Yarro. If you aren't in the market for original art, her shadow boxes are to die for.

Lastly, I bought one of Adri Apparel's travel bags at the last Bijou Market and have used it almost everyday since. For that impossible to please person on your list, this is a must have.

Happy shopping! See you next week!
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