Monday, June 6, 2011

the FLEA. faqs

The FLEA. is tomorrow evening and we hope you are ready to sell and shop your hearts out.
We've had several similar questions so here is a quick update of the answers just in case more of you are wondering...

1. Anyone can sell at the FLEA. According to our contacts the majority of attendees will be our peers, women ages 15-40.

2. The type of things that sell at the FLEA. are on-trend items that you would see at popular stores ranging anywhere from Target and Forever 21 to Nordstrom and designer labels. Quality vintage items, decor and kid's clothes are also hot swap items!

3. You are welcome to bring your own personal goods, but this is not an extension of Bijou Market, so don't bring your handmade goods or crafts to sell.

4. You do not have to sell to come, shoppers are always welcome! Be sure to bring cash, one and five dollar bills always come in handy!