Monday, April 11, 2011

Bijou  Market April 2011 was a smash success! Our expecatations are always being exceeded and we are truly humbled and thrilled to have such a supportive community surrounding us.

We owe huge thanks to ALL our amazing vendors. We heard many times and agree full-heartedly that this was Bijou Market's best show to date. This would not be possible without the countless hours and thoughtful creativity of our vendors. Every vendor showed their absolute best and everyone was truly impressed and inspired!

To our many affiliates, thank you for donating your time and talents to making this show so special:

Sarah Winward for the beautiful flowers.
Pink Peach Cakes for the delicious cakes.

and last, but certainly not least, Yan Photography.
How lucky were our shoppers to get free portraits from such huge talent?
We'll be sure to post all Diana's amazing shots asap!
If Yan took a photo of you, they'll be available on their blog April 18th!