Monday, September 13, 2010

Bijou Thanks You

We just wanted to take a moment to send a huge thank you for all the love, support & loyalty shown to us as of late. We have tried to thank each person who has come forward personally, and we hope this message will reach any we have missed.

When we started Bijou Market only 1.5 years ago it was to offer people like us an opportunity to sell our goods. With the recent news that another event would be on the same weekend, we weighed the pros and cons of many different scenarios and options, but we kept coming back to the same solution: do what is best for the vendors.

Keeping our dates where they were originally set gives our vendors less opportunity to sell, not more, and to make any other decision would be to stray from our original mission. While it may not be fair, or reasonable, we have been looked upon with hopes of being flexible, and we are happy to do it for our vendors and our shoppers. So, with all that being said, we have decided to move our market to November 19th & 20th, 2010 same time, same place.

We feel this will benefit all parties involved. Vendors will have shoppers at the beginning stages of their holiday shopping, not quite yet limited by time or budget constraints, and shoppers will have first picks at the best goods before they are sold out at other venues.

We hope that this date change does not conflict with those of you who have already applied, if there are any questions or concerns please let us know! In regards to the agreement, the only changes made will be to the resolution period - it will go back to 4 weeks instead of the original 3.

Thank you!
Emily, Nicole, and Rashelle.