Friday, June 26, 2009

live music: alexis munoa

One thing we love about the location of Bijou Market is how secluded and picturesque it is. The minute you step on the grounds you feel as if you've left Orem Utah and gone to a *large* Tuscan Villa. To highlight that feeling of escape we couldn't think of anyone better than Alexis Munoa to serenade us.

Alexis says that it was a Billie Holiday album that changed her life. Originally from San Diego, Alexis grew up surfing and eating tangerines. In a family that loves music she found herself listening to Bob Marley, BB King, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone and Debussy, but it was Billie that never left her.

Mentored by a Jazz pianist Bob Bailey she has released her own album "You Found Me." You can buy it here, or as always, come listen to her live at Bijou Market from 7:30

Photography by: Nicole Carman Photography
Original Interview by: Rob Bennion